We are in Rome, the Eternal City, at the turn of the 20th century. Here, the last breaths of the Belle Epoque, a period of great cultural ferment. Surely, one of the main actors of the Roman salons and prestigious boutiques is the Vitale family, the former founder of the Vitale Winery.The love of culture, art, tradition, history, creativity, elegance, find fertile ground today as in the past; during the 1940's, the stylist Lucia and the milliners Tosca and Sandra, dictate the rules of elegance through their dresses and hats, tailor made at their shop in via Sistina; no minor mention for the famous artist, Adriano Vitale, premier danseur etoile, at Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, who brings the family prestige throughout the world. The past fades away only to make room to a young entrepreneur, Andrea Vitale, the perfect heir of the style and family traditions and founder of the Rm913 brand.The brand acts as a trait-de-union linking the elegance of the past and the care of craftsmanship to modernity and its contemporary innovative materials giving life to a timeless product, perfect for the modern client fascinated by the past.The Rm913 wristwatch, a touch of old times, with its wide range of interchangeable straps in leather or fabric, its special engraving on the back of the case, is surely craftsmanship at its best:what real gentlemen look for and what the man of today wears.



The result of an all-Italian style, where tradition and elegance combine to create a timeless piece.